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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool Blogging Moment... Thanks, Kate

There have been a lot of cool blogging moments that I haven't gushed about, and trust me, I've thought about doing it!!  Tonight, something EXTRA cool happened... so you get to hear about it all!

For example. my first "comment" was so AWESOME!  To know people were reading what I was writing and thought to say something in response was REALLY cool. (Thanks, "The Beasleys")

Also, there was one day that someone asked where I'd been because I hadn't posted in about a week!  Um, also pretty cool. (Thanks, "Jenster")

And, TODAY, I found ANOTHER super cool thing that happened.... 

Someone blogged about my blog!

So... I'm sending a little NTTC love out to KateRN who has her own fabulous blog - Losing for Good.  She posted that she tried the yummy buffalo chicken salad recipe I posted last week, and that she too can't get enough of its spicy goodness!  She varied the recipe a little adding some blue cheese and putting her own twist on it, so you should probably check it out!  Might be your new fave!  

And, she says that we're now BFFs.  I mean, we've practically exchanged these...

Back in the day, these were ALL the rage
To KateRN... I'd had a pretty rough afternoon and this just MADE my day.  Thanks, BFF! 

To all my readers, check out her blog and her journey.  She's a rockstar... and you'll want to follow her progress, too.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Just Can't Put My Finger On It...

Today seemed the day that a lot of people were noticing I've lost weight.  I mean, take a peek at the pics on the left, it's pretty darn dramatic. :)  But today is the day everyone wanted to talk about it.

It seems that everywhere I went today people were trying to put their finger on what was different.  This was a conversation I was in the middle of in the back room at one of my client locations:

"Wow, something is really different about you...
I just can't put my finger on it."
"Is your HAIR different?"
"Something's changed.  Maybe you're TANNER than last time I saw you? Or have you lost WEIGHT?"

While it's very flattering, it's a little overwhelming in mixed company.  Men and women. Young and older.  People I know well and people I just met.  People I like and people I don't care for.  Seriously, it can be sort of awkward.  Oh, and in a professional setting, PS... It's sooooo awk.

My response today was ... "Well, I do spend some time at the pool, so I guess I'm tanner.  I've also lost some weight."

Other days, I say... "Yeah... I've been working hard, but I still have a way to go."

Why do we downplay our accomplishments?  Why am I so modest about something I've worked so hard for?  And curiously, why am I almost ashamed to admit in mixed company that I've lost weight?  I NEVER say the total amount lost unless I'm amongst friends (blog friends included).  I guess, I don't want anyone doing the math, or looking at me and going "Wow, you've lost 60 lbs, and you still have more to lose?"

It's a really interesting place to be.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that people notice.  It's so motivating and almost justifies the process; it makes me feel fantastic.  When I run into someone who hasn't seen me in 6 months and barely recognizes me, that's my favorite.

I'd also add that there's a few more people I wish would notice.  Well, those same people, I'd like them to forget I was ever that previous plus-sized lady and (ahem) just focus on the new and improved me. 

I love the new version of me, and I'm not going back to that before image EVER again.  I wish I could just answer these questions better sometimes.  I guess that will come with time.  I know that before pic is fading away... soon everyone will only know the newer and more fabulous me.  I'm certainly ok with that.

Suggestion to the World:  If you can tell I've lost weight, just say so.  Or, simply just say I look great.  Don't make me tell you, that's where I get flustered.  Help a girl out, will ya?

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad

You heard me right... Buffalo.  Chicken.  Salad.

I got home from spin/yoga this morning and was starving.  I was craving something flavorful and spicy... and what's better than Jenny's Chicken Sandwich when I need that?  I always use a yummy hot sauce with it, when I eat it the old-fashioned way.

Today, I had two beautiful tomatoes on the counter that were about to die.  So.... I decided to go for a salad!  This may be my new favorite lunch.  So easy, so delicious.  And, I've missed bread a little bit, especially garlic bread.  It tastes so indulgent!!! 

Defrost your bun in the microwave, wrapped in paper towels for 30 seconds.  Spray with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Spray and sprinkle with garlic powder and garlic salt as you see fit.  Place in your toaster on a light setting to toast up the bread.  Mmmm... Mmmmm!

Pour a tall glass of water, and enjoy your spicy goodness!!!

Buffalo Chicken Salad + Garlic Bread

Yum, Yum... I tried to go without dressing in the beginning.
1 Jenny Craig Chicken Sandwich
(I used bibb/butter lettuce)
2 Roma tomatoes, diced
Your favorite hot sauce 
(I used 1 Tbsp. Buffalo Wild WIngs Spicy Garlic Sauce + 1 Tbsp. Frank's Hot Sauce)
JC Ranch (optional)
(I used 1 1/2 Tbsp. Litehouse Yogurt Ranch) 

Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt

Assemble a bed of lettuce + tomatoes, and any other veggies you'd like.  Today, I was way too hungry to chop more than just tomatoes, but I think some cucumbers, red/green onions would have been tasty as well.

Cook your chicken breast for 2 1/2 minutes in the tray provided.  Remove from tray and dice.  Place hot sauce in a plastic baggie.  Add your chicken, and toss!  Place coated chicken on top of the salad.  Add salad dressing, if desired.

Couldn't resist adding a little Ranch to the salad, but totally optional!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust...

My weigh ins are taking on a whole new look this month.  I actually weighed in this morning, but my consultation will be next Tuesday via phone.  With my crazy travel schedule that lies ahead for August, my new JCC Crystal thought weekly phone consultations might be a good idea.  Desperate to stay on track during my next four weeks of travel, it's worth a shot.

Well... how did the weigh in go, you ask??

I am down another -1.2 lbs! Woo hoo!  I'll take it!  I feel like I'm trucking along at a pound a week, much due to my snacking and not perfect eating.  This week, I worked out not once, but TWICE!  I'm planning for the same this week (increased activity), so looking forward to a positive weigh in!

I bought this little guy about a year ago now... and it's found a comfortable spot in my closet collecting dust.  

I love LOVE to take pictures, and I want to get to the point where I can take those cool artsy looking pics.  I bought a Groupon earlier in the year for a "field trip" style photography class through Chimpsy.  After months of trying to find a class that met my schedule, I attended my first photography class today!  

It was so much fun!  The camera that had intimidated me for months now seems much less mysterious.  Now, as part of the class, I did take a few pictures; however, the majority were lame shots of rocks and cars since we were in downtown Denver.  

My plan is to use my new fancy cam - Canon Rebel T2i - to take cool pics to post on this blog, and I may even take it with me to Massachusetts next week to capture my adorable niece and nephew.  Here's a few pics I took post-class yesterday.  Pretty cool!

Playing around with depth of space with my wine rack
Flowers on my table... prettier with a varied aperature

Tomorrow morning is round two of Spin-Yoga... Wish me luck, readers!  I need it!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Week...

The fact that I haven't posted since Sunday is so bizarre to me, now that I've gotten on a regular blogging pattern.

Honestly, this week was so busy that I haven't even been on the internet, haven't even had a moment to think about anything other than work!  It's been one of those where you feel like you're just trying to make it through.  I'm sure you guys have had them too... but I am SOOOOO thankful the week is over.  AND, so thankful that I survived!

Kicking back on my new couch watching one of my favorite movies of all time - For Love of the Game.  It's from 1999 and is about BASEBALL?  Well, the main character is a baseball player (Kevin Costner) and it's a love story (of course.)  REALLY great movie.  I definitely recommend you check it out if you've never seen it.

Honestly, I don't really know... again, everything has been a blur.  

I spent the first 3 days of week in Idaho, and I know the first half of the week was SOLID.  It was the second half that's been a challenge once I got home.

There was Rotini and Meatballs earlier in the week while I was on the road.  Last night though, I did it again... I had cheese for dinner.  I've blogged before about my very favorite wine and cheese bar, and I hosted an event there last night.  There was definitely a lot of cheesy goodness going into my bod.  I also had my boss in town for the past two days, which means that there were non-Subway lunches on the agenda.  EEKS!

This I remember.  On Tuesday morning, I took 30 minutes out for me.  

Fitness Center at the Hampton in Twin Falls, ID
Honestly, I get bored in the gym/fitness center, so I usually only have about 30 minutes in me.  This also helped with the soreness I felt from the spin class over the weekend.  My quads were really sore, and just moving a bit helped.  My goal is ALWAYS to workout when I'm on the road, but it doesn't always happen.  Big SUCCESS as a result!

For this week's working out, I have round 2 scheduled at the Spinning Yogi and I also booked a yoga class for Monday night in Salt Lake City!  Trying to get serious about this working out thing.  It's not the easiest for me, but every little bit helps.

The first week of August, I'm taking a fabulous getaway...

I absolutely can't wait!  And, as a bonus, I get to spend several days with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew!  Soooooo excited!  I need to figure out my eating plan for when I'm there... that should be my next blog post.  It may be a little challenging as Beth is the best cook... and temptation will be lingering.  

Still, I get to be on that beach with the little guys.  Totally worth it. 

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Deserve Some Applause

Have you ever done something that is SOOOO not a big deal to others, but is a huge deal to you?  

I did today.

I went to my (wait for it) VERY FIRST SPIN / YOGA CLASS!!!!

I mentioned last week after my 1st yoga class that this was my goal, and I've officially survived my first Yoga/Spin 30/30 class at the Spinning Yogi!  

Last night, I was so nervous about it.  So, I set my alarm for JUST before I needed to leave, so I didn't have much time to think about it.  This is a little technique I use with myself.  Wake up ON THE WAY to the gym and then you don't have time to talk yourself out of it. :)

The Spinning was interesting.  You REALLY move at your own pace and set your own resistance.  My goal for today was to keep moving the entire time and to "listen to my body," which was the advice of my instructor today.  She also told me upon introduction: "I'm probably the hardest spin instructor here."  Awesome news.

She helped me set up my bike and strapped my feet into the pedals tightly... so there was no where to go.  Eeks!

A Tip from the Beginner:  I don't recommend getting on the bike terribly early.  You're just going to sit there and bike until the class starts... and your lady parts will thank you for taking my advice.  Oh boy... let's talk about that seat.  

Friends had warned me about this seat, but until you experience it... you don't really know what you're in for.  O-M-G!  The good news is that the class has you up and down many times (mostly up) so you don't have to rest on the seat too long, but if you're early and/or you are a newbie you may spend extra time on the seat (AKA me/me).  I probably pushed myself a little harder in the sprints knowing that it would get me off the seat and offer relief to my sensitive areas.

I'll definitely be looking into a cushiony seat option in the future.  I hear there's gel and whatnot available.  I literally thought about putting my sweat-catching towel on the seat for comfort and probably would have if I was in the back of the room.  OUCH!

After our 30 minutes, we moved onto Yoga.  Cool towels in the hallway between rooms that had been soaked in something lavender made the transition amazing.  I get to lay on a mat with this delightful towel on my face?  I'm in heaven!

The yoga class started up, and I was definitely working it... it got really intense for a few minutes, but I just did what I could and listened to my body (my mantra.)  I found that the hardest part was getting my groove.  I don't know the poses, so I'd have to look at the instructor to see what the heck she was doing.  As I go more often, I think I should be better able to transition from pose to pose.  I'm excited to see me progress in this area for sure!

Post-workout... I went to Target and bought my VERY OWN yoga mat.  I settled on a Premium Gaiam Yoga Mat in Brown.  I'm hoping we can be friends throughout this process.  I feel like there's just too much sweat going on to use one of the mats at the studio.  It's for the sake of others using them, and mine. :)

Needless to say, quite proud of my morning and of the fact that I've already reserved a spot for next Sunday's class.  Namaste!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mixing it Up!

It's been a REALLY busy week.  Lots of work, lots of driving, and lots of water!  My travels took me to Montana this week.  What a BEAUTIFUL state!  

It's a gorgeous time of year to hit MT; however, the locals have always told me that there ARE four seasons in Montana: WINTER, WINTER, WINTER, and CONSTRUCTION.  You can guess which season it is now...

Here I am in Glacier National Park - - Love this place!
I experienced a TON of construction this week in my drive.  The last thing that a girl wants to see when you're in Montana and have a 3 hour drive ahead is construction signs!  Without XM radio and a dead iPod, the extended drives were a bit challenging!

I did, however, take the time to take some great pics of this beautiful state.  If you've never been to Montana, go in the summer... and DEFINITELY go to Glacier National Park.  It takes my breath away ever time I see it.
What I saw from my windshield
Flathead Lake - - Probably my VERY favorite spot in Montana
Now that I've been on JC for 37 weeks, I'm finding that I need to MIX THINGS UP a bit!  

A NEW JENNY CRAIG CONSULTANT: I weighed in this morning - - on a Saturday, FOUR days after my last weigh-in.  I got a call from the new JC Center Director who wanted to talk to me about my progress and to discuss any feedback I had on the program and the consultative process.  Her timing was impeccable.  My recent consultations with my JCC Sherrie have become quite speedy and not my biggest motivation anymore.  NOTHING AGAINST Sherrie, because she rocks the house and has helped me to lose almost 60 lbs, but I know what Sherrie is going to ask me, and I know she's proud of me so I don't ever disappoint her.  I almost need someone new to impress, to be accountable to, and some new tricks to add to my repertoire!  The center director was awesome about it and suggested I meet with the other consultant next week.  I'm hoping we're a good match!

PS... Down another pound after 4 days!  Woo hoo!  And, I may have bought 10 more of the Lemon Cooler Cookies!  It's a temp item, so stock up if you too love them!

A NEW VIEW ON WATER:  I don't drink enough water.  There, I said it.  I like water, but I guess I just get bored by it.  As someone who drinks water almost exclusively, this is not a good thing.  On Tuesday night, I was perusing Walgreens in Missoula.  Um, not a good idea... I can spend so much so much so quickly in that place!

Nonetheless, I made a fabulous find!  Now, this is going to seem crazy-obvious... but I finally tried the Crystal Light Packets!  Although skeptical, I picked up a box of the pink lemonade flavor and a 16.9 oz bottle of Dasani.  Whoa.... Uh-mazing!  I drank so much water as a result, and as soon as I got home, I went to the store to get more flavors to try and a 24-pack of water!  

I was so excited I took a pic!
TRYING NEW STUFF:  I also made a trip to Whole Foods after my JC visit today, because I'm dying to try the Heirloom Tomato recipe I posted last week (with modifications, of course.)  I found two beautiful heirlooms and I also found something else...

Smart Bacon... AKA Veggie Bacon... AKA Fake'n!  I've NEVER tried this... but one of my favorite bloggers Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers eats it all the time.  Decided to give it a try.  Just 20 calories a slice!  

I had the JC Cinnamon French Toast for a late breakfast today... so I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I cooked two slices in the skillet, and well... not bad!  The texture is similar to turkey bacon, and the flavor is bacon-y as well.  Now, I didn't love it plain.  But, when I dipped it in some leftover syrup from my french toast (which is what I would do with normal bacon) it was yummy!  I'd also think it would be amazing on a veggie sandwich or as part of a "BLT".

Now for a busy day of unpacking the suitcase, reassembling the guest room, and a show at the Arvada Center tonight... Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Fun + Seriously Delayed Weigh-In

What a wonderful weekend!  My dear friend from Tennessee came to Colorado this weekend to visit!  Over the 3 days, we did lots of visiting, shopping, and honestly, some pretty healthy eating - - Salads, Veggies, Steamed Chicken and Broccoli, veggie sandwiches at Spicy Pickle, etc! 

There was only JC for breakfast, but overall what a relief to be eating healthy when company is in town!  And...we had a blast!

In the cab on the way to Red Rocks
We went to a concert on Sunday night at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Only one of the best places in the world to see live music.)  Here's a little peek at how AMAZING the show was.  I didn't take this footage, but did take some on my camera that I will try to figure out how to post.  I think our seats were a little better than this, but how great is the sound of the orchestra on this camera??

Sarah McLachlan playing with the Colorado Symphony... Seriously.  It was amazing.  Even if it rained a little.  I think I'm officially a fan of the symphony now. :)

On Monday morning, both Angela and I had to leave Colorado.  She was heading home; I was heading to beautiful Montana where I am now.   Isn't it the saddest thing ever when good friends leave after a great visit?  I thought about kidnapping her and "putting her in the well", but that didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Alas, I can't wait for our next visit, likely back in Tennessee. 

Early on Monday morning, prior to our trip to the airport, I went to my local Jenny Craig for my weigh-in.  I knew that I'd been off plan for a while... with bites, nibbles, and random meals that weren't HORRIBLE, but were definitely not in the JC family.  The last time I had weighed in was June 23rd.  Seriously!!

So... When I realized that I'd lost -0.8 lbs, I was completely relieved.  I expected a bit more, but I'll certainly take what I got.  AND... two super-good pieces of news:

1 - I'm on track this week
2 - I'm still in ONEderland.

LOTS of reasons to smile, to say the least.  I'm blogging from Kalispell, Montana tonight... just outside of Glacier National Park.  I ate a delightful Rotini and Meatballs meal for dinner and have a McDonalds side salad waiting for me as a snack for when I get hungry later.

A great few days overall... Hope all is well with all of you out in the blogosphere!  PS... We're QUICKLY approaching 10K!!  Woo hoo!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Delicious Looking Recipe: Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

One of the blogs "I follow" and on "My Blog List" is SkinnyTaste.  The blog owner whips up the most beautiful light recipes.  If you ever have a chance, check it out... you won't be sorry.

I noticed today's recipe, and it looks UH-MAZING.  If you like fresh tomatoes and beautiful heirlooms, this might be a recipe to try.  I couldn't resist posting the pic from her page. 

Photo courtesy of
I personally am going to have to find some heirloom tomatoes this weekend... Click here for the Recipe.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Blog Features, A Delightful Dinner, and Weekend Plans!

Wow... What a BLOGGY week this has been!  Lots to say!  Just a few more updates for everyone:

NTTC BLOG ENHANCEMENTS:  I did some additional modifications to the blog this week.  You may have noticed the new SEARCH BAR at the top left of this page!  How cool is that?  There ARE more than 60 posts now... so it seemed time to add a bar to help you search for my favorite moments in this blog (maybe the Costco lady with the samples?  I HEART her.  All my killer travel tips?  Or my fabulous trip to Montelucia?).  Search your little hearts out! 

Oh... and it's powered by Google?  That's fancy, if you ask me...

In addition, I also added a feature that allows you to FOLLOW NTTC via EMAIL!  Ashamedly, I now currently "follow" myself via email because I wanted to see what it would do.  I know, total nerd. It sends you an email to your inbox anytime I add a post containing the full posting + pics.  If you're like me, this would be a great option as I don't get on the computer or iPad every single night.  I'm not sure how this differs from the standard "follow" feature, but I like it!  

Lastly.... has anyone else noticed the little BLOG VIEWS TICKER at the bottom left?  Could NTTC be approaching 9,000 views???  Holy COW!  Kinda makes me wonder who in the heck in viewing my stories about kale chips and my friend Jen's Picnic Wedding.... but mostly, I just love it!  Weight loss is hard, and if my blog brings you some smiles along the way and a few random tips, it's served its purpose!  If you're the 10K viewer of my blog, post a comment!  I can't wait to see that number!

DELIGHTFUL DINNER:  Tonight's dinner is one of my old time faves.  It's been a while since I've eaten it, but there was a time when I would literally eat the Rising Crust Pizza every night for dinner.  Well, I'm back on it... but I'm making it a little bit differently.

Yum-O!  Wish I had one bite left!
  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS cook this pizza in the oven.  I've NEVER eaten it in the microwave, but I just adore it baked up.  Seriously, it's worth the 19 minutes.
  2. I read early on one of the JC forums that the pizza rises a little nicer if you take it out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter for a little while before you bake it.  DO IT!  You can also adjust toppings as you see fit once it thaws a little.  20 minutes is usually enough thaw-time for me.
  3. VOLUMIZE this baby!  I have a new volumizing trick... and I don't think it gives me much VOLUME, but the taste is just heavenly.  My local Sunflower Market sells roasted garlic cloves in a little plastic container.  I bought them for something, and since then, I've been chopping them up and putting them on the pizza.  O-M-G... so good!  I also add chopped onions on top.  DELISH!  I've done olives and spinach before, but this is my latest obsession.  I also top it with some Penzey's Crushed Red Pepper (which I put on most everything italian.)
Also, this delicious dinner will be followed up with the new LEMON COOLER COOKIES!  If you haven't tried these babies, get to your local Jenny Craig ASAP.  They are SOOOOO good.  I picked up 5 bags yesterday, and plan on buying 10 more on Monday.  These are a temporary item, so you know what that means.  Time to begin HOARDING!

Only FOUR left... Time to stock up!
WEEKEND PLANS:  One of my bestest friends is traveling to Colorado this weekend!  We've got just a few small things planned, but mostly are just going to enjoy catching up, sunning, and retail therapy!  Can't wait!  

Now, on the JC side, how fabulous is it to have company that eats healthy?  Um... it's the greatest!  She's on board for a healthy weekend + a trip to my favorite Wine and Cheese Restaurant (not so healthy, but a splurge I can't resist).  

This is seriously one of their cheese platters... insane!
Check in next week for more details about all the fun we have.... great shopping, fun in the sun, and a concert on Sunday night!   Also, I'm weighing in for the first time in 2 weeks on Monday morning!  Woo hoo!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Next Mini-Goal: Losing an 8 Year Old

My end of day drive today was 4.25 hours, and took me to the middle of Wyoming.  It's a lot of open space with some hills and mountains off in the distance.  Lots of time to think, and lots of time to plot my future weight loss goals! 

During my long drive, I realized that I'm just FOUR POINT EIGHT lbs from my next mini-goal!  I say "mini-goal" as it's not tied to any specific reward, and I say "mini-goal" as it's not really a landmark.  Although, it's pretty amazing.

In JUST 4.8 LBS, I'll have lost the equivalent of my 8-year-old niece!

HMG making snow angels over Christmas vacation
You may recall my excitement when I lost her brother (AKA The Small Boy).  Well, she's my next target! 

Keep in mind, she's tall and can read.  She's also a 3rd grader now... and she's not easy to pick up anymore!  I like to think that I've been carrying her on my back for the past 5 years.  Just crazy!

If you're having trouble visualizing and/or appreciating how much you've lost, compare it to a 5 lb. bag of potatoes... a heavy ham or turkey... how much your dog weighs... or even some small children that are running about.  It makes you wonder where all that weight was on your body, and hopefully makes you appreciate EVEN MORE that it's GONE!

BTW... The NEXT reward goal is at -75 lbs:  Teeth Whitening!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something New....

I remember when I first started Jenny Craig, my consultant talked about how I was in the "contemplation phase" when it came to exercise.  Meaning that I was just THINKING, and THINKING, and THINKING, and THINKING about exercise, but really not doing much of anything.  She'd ask me every week, and every week, I'd say... I'm thinking about it. 

What you THINK about, you BRING about....

I would think about it, too.  I'd wonder if I should join a gym... I'd wonder if I should consider becoming a runner.  Wonder, wonder, wonder... that was my middle name.

Eventually, I started taking some walks, which I've really enjoyed.  I even expanded it into some trail walks and hikes.  I mean, this sounds small, but it's HUGE for a sedentary person - - which is what I'd unfortunately become.

Nonetheless, I'd been contemplating two things.  

Yoga has always seemed so relaxing and so close to meditation.  I feel like it would help ground me and increase my flexibility and strength.  After playing it through my mind over and over again, I finally went tonight to my VERY first yoga class at a cute little yoga studio in town. 
While I didn't get this pose quite right...
I mastered this pose they call "Child's Pose" - - Impressive, I know.

I definitely need to get one of these...
I made it through my first class.  THANK GOODNESS it was a two-person beginner's class.  This way, I could ask questions and fall wobble in my pose if I needed to.  The instructor also gave me lots of beginner's suggestions and alternate poses to try for the tough ones.  Her sister was the other student and clearly not a beginner, but nice to the new girl (me) just the same.  

One other observation:  I had no idea yoga made people this sweaty.  I was definitely sweating all over that borrowed mat (disgusting, I know.)  I need my own, and to take a small towel with me next time I go!  

What a great night... and, I feel like I might even be sore tomorrow... Eeks!

I've blogged several times now about the best radio show in the world (Cosmo Radio's Wake Up with Taylor - - Mornings on Sirius/XM 109).  Taylor, one of the fabulous hosts, is a HUGE fan of Soulcycle in NYC, and they've even had the instructor on the show many times to talk about spinning and other Fit Kids topics.  After hearing Tay talk about it for months and hearing Kenny go to his first sessions (even if he puked), I've been convinced that spinning is my next move.  All the cool kids (and the FKCST are doing it)...

I also feel like spin is perfect for my body shape. PS.... Pears are the coolest! Since the thighs and booty are my biggest areas of opportunity.... I'm pretty sure spin will burn and tone these areas for me!  

The COOLEST part is that the place I found - - The Spinning Yogi offers both!  Spin + Yoga = Yay!!!!

Now, the EVEN COOLER part is that they had a Groupon special today for a three-month pass.  AND, I bought it! So, that means I'm going back and I'm going to try out that spin bike once and for all!  Now, to make the Groupon worthwhile for me, I need to go to ELEVEN classes over the next three months.  

Holy crap!  I've found my "gym"!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

New Recipe: Bethenny's Asian Slaw

Sometimes.... I like to read gossip mags.  You know Life and Style, US Weekly, OK Magazine... every once and a while there's a great picture on the front of the mag that catches my eye.  Traveling as much as I do, these things are plastered on the walls of the airport which can make them difficult to resist at times!

This week, it was an article on the Biggest Losers and their swimwear suggestions in OK Magazine.  Since we all know I'm a big fan of the purple team, OF COURSE, I bought it!  I was sitting by the pool this morning enjoying the holiday, and reading this (ahem) literature.  Inside there was the usual pics/articles.  AND, did you know Bethenny Frankel has a column?  

It's called "Ask Bethenny."  I'm a fan of her Skinny Girl line and her healthy recipes, and was super excited to see a recipe for Asian Slaw.  I knew that I had to make it immediately!

Now, the recipe Bethenny posted (as usual) needed some modification to make it more Jenny-friendly. I was shocked that Bethenny's original recipe called for TWELVE tablespoons of olive oil.  I cut that back to 1 Tablespoon, and it was just fine!  I can't imagine what it would have tasted like with all that oil.  

Bethenny Frankel's Asian Slaw (Modified)
2 tsp. grated fresh ginger
3 tsp. sesame oil
4 Tbsp. rice vinegar
4 tsp. low sodium soy sauce
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
2 tsp. minced garlic
1 Tbsp. olive oil
Pinch of crushed red pepper flakes
1 bag angel hair-style shredded cabbage
4 green onions, chopped
1/4 cucumber, chopped

Mix all of the dressing ingredients in a small bowl with a whisk.  Combine with veggies in a glass bowl.  Refrigerate for 3 hours and serve!


How to count this salad.... I'm counting it as my salad today, including dressing.  I'm not sure what the exact exchanges would be.  Sorry, folks!  What I do know is that it's TASTY and REFRESHING!  Enjoy!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's the 4th of July without Ice Cream???

We all know that Jenny Craig has some delicious frozen treats for us to enjoy.... but for some bizarre reason, she hasn't created any ice cream!

I personally didn't want to go into this holiday weekend without a delicious bit of ice cream to enjoy.  I went to the local grocery store and to the freezer section to see what my options were.  Here, I found my good ol' friend Skinny Cow.  Back in my Weight Watchers days, I really enjoyed these ice cream sandwiches... and it looks like the brand has exploded from there.

I grabbed a box of these bad boys....Skinny Cow's Low Fat Ice Cream Cone in the Vanilla with Caramel flavor.

Whoa!  Holy deliciousness... I'm in love.

The stats are pretty good, too.  Comparable to the average JC snack, and the CREAMY, DELICIOUS ice cream was something I'd been craving.

Now, I like a softer ice cream... so I set it out on the counter for about 10-15 minutes before I ate it.  Total Perfection!

Something else I noticed.  It's been YEARS since I had a cone like this.  I never really liked them back in the day because the cone was all soggy.  Um... not anymore.  Way to go, ice cream makers, you've perfected the crunchy frozen cone, and I love you for it.  The inside of the cone is coated with chocolate, with the chocolate plug at the bottom of the cone to stop the ice cream from leaking out.

Snack time just became my favorite part of the day... If you haven't tried these, get out there and get some!  They also come in Mint with Fudge and Chocolate with Fudge.  

Happy 4th, Ya'll!

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