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No Thanks to Cake: A Picnic Wedding and Positive Scale Numbers!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Picnic Wedding and Positive Scale Numbers!

What a fabulous weekend.... I went to my first picnic wedding!  My dear friend Jen decided on her picnic wedding about 4 weeks ago, and of course, I couldn't miss the event!  

This pic at left is from the reception... adorable, right?  The bride had picnic baskets and quilts set up for the reception.  We munched on cookout foods and had all of our condiments and favors in the baskets on the quilt.  The favors were little individually baked pies and everything was themed very GREEN, as Jen is a huge advocate for green living.  Cute Cute!

Here I am with my friend Jaede, her daughter Elizabeth, and the Bride Jen.
Such a fun weekend, and of course, a great chance to meet up with dear friends in TN!  It also gave me a great excuse to shop!  What does one wear to a picnic wedding??  Well, it's casual, so I chose a brown maxi-dress (my new go-to) from Forever 21 and took a jean jacket just in case... and it was actually chilly that day!  Good call!  

Progress Pic: -49.8 lbs!
Whenever I travel to see friends and family, I always say those are the HARDEST trips I take food-wise due to all the food-related socializing and of course, the drinking.  How did I get through it?  I took my JC breakfast (cereal, as always) and some Pria bars (my anytime bar).  I also was staying with a friend on a diet - - BRILLIANTLY helpful!  There were a few slip-ups (ex. When the bride's dad insisted I have a burger at the wedding and the HUGE helping of BBQ turkey at Jaede's house), but overall, I did pretty good.  Veggies, my special spinach, and a quick trip to Subway - - I survived!

I had scheduled my JC weigh-in for the morning after I returned to Denver.  AND... I was down -2.2 lbs!  Woooooo!  My weight loss is now at -49.8 lbs.  Could I BE any closer to -50???  I plan to hit it this week.  FOR REAL. PS... 6 lbs to ONEderland!

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