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No Thanks to Cake: Weekend Fun + Seriously Delayed Weigh-In

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Fun + Seriously Delayed Weigh-In

What a wonderful weekend!  My dear friend from Tennessee came to Colorado this weekend to visit!  Over the 3 days, we did lots of visiting, shopping, and honestly, some pretty healthy eating - - Salads, Veggies, Steamed Chicken and Broccoli, veggie sandwiches at Spicy Pickle, etc! 

There was only JC for breakfast, but overall what a relief to be eating healthy when company is in town!  And...we had a blast!

In the cab on the way to Red Rocks
We went to a concert on Sunday night at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Only one of the best places in the world to see live music.)  Here's a little peek at how AMAZING the show was.  I didn't take this footage, but did take some on my camera that I will try to figure out how to post.  I think our seats were a little better than this, but how great is the sound of the orchestra on this camera??

Sarah McLachlan playing with the Colorado Symphony... Seriously.  It was amazing.  Even if it rained a little.  I think I'm officially a fan of the symphony now. :)

On Monday morning, both Angela and I had to leave Colorado.  She was heading home; I was heading to beautiful Montana where I am now.   Isn't it the saddest thing ever when good friends leave after a great visit?  I thought about kidnapping her and "putting her in the well", but that didn't seem like the right thing to do.  Alas, I can't wait for our next visit, likely back in Tennessee. 

Early on Monday morning, prior to our trip to the airport, I went to my local Jenny Craig for my weigh-in.  I knew that I'd been off plan for a while... with bites, nibbles, and random meals that weren't HORRIBLE, but were definitely not in the JC family.  The last time I had weighed in was June 23rd.  Seriously!!

So... When I realized that I'd lost -0.8 lbs, I was completely relieved.  I expected a bit more, but I'll certainly take what I got.  AND... two super-good pieces of news:

1 - I'm on track this week
2 - I'm still in ONEderland.

LOTS of reasons to smile, to say the least.  I'm blogging from Kalispell, Montana tonight... just outside of Glacier National Park.  I ate a delightful Rotini and Meatballs meal for dinner and have a McDonalds side salad waiting for me as a snack for when I get hungry later.

A great few days overall... Hope all is well with all of you out in the blogosphere!  PS... We're QUICKLY approaching 10K!!  Woo hoo!

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