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No Thanks to Cake: Hoping for a Good LOSS this Week

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hoping for a Good LOSS this Week

So.. last week's weigh-in was TERRIBLE.  For a TWO-WEEK period, I lost only -.4 lbs.  Yep, that's only .2 lbs lost each week.  You can imagine my devastation.

Here's a secret about weight loss that I'll share with you.  You know, just amongst friends.  When I don't lose weight, I know EXACTLY why.  It doesn't take me long to remember the sample Magnum Ice Cream Bar I nibbled on at SuperTarget, or the yummy Popchips I ate at the Orlando Airport (even if I threw over half of the bag in the trash). HONEST!

Now my frustration was that I wasn't participating in this program properly.  Nothing like half-assing things and then being mad at yourself.  My JCC wanted to "talk through it" but it wasn't anything she could help me with... just something I needed to do.  As you know, if you do the program, you lose the weight.  It's as easy as that, and I wasn't doing the program.

As a result, I've become recommitted to Jenny Craig... I need to eat right, weigh in weekly (as opposed to every 2 weeks), and workout when I can!  This week, I have been more diligent than I've been in some time!  I've been eating the breakfast, eating a Subway Veggie Sammie for lunch, and JC for dinner all the way!  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with myself!

AND... We all weigh in during the week, right?  I check my scale every day or so to make sure I'm where I want to be... I SWEAR, I saw it DOWN -3 yesterday!  Oh my goody goodness!  If I could be down -3 this week, that would be ridiculously fabulous!  Hell, I'll take two!

In a desire to hold onto that low number, I went and worked out today at the trails!  Lots of uphill walking in a new spot near Standley Lake!  Note the view of the Rockies! :)

VERY good place.. I felt like I was out in the wilderness for real!  Lots of pretty wildflowers, prairie dogs, and the BIGGEST dandelion I've ever seen!

There was even a sign at the trailhead saying to watch out for coyote, which was a little unsettling.  Especially when it included instructions for what to do if attacked!  Eeks!  PS... If attacked, fight back!??  Who writes these warnings??

Ok, tomorrow's the big weigh-in day... let's just hope this trail-walk + my good eating this week will result in something good on that scale!

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At June 12, 2011 at 3:39 PM , Blogger Christina said...

Sending you lots of skinny vibes!!! Best of luck!!!!!

At June 12, 2011 at 7:27 PM , Blogger No Thanks to Cake said...

Thanks, Christina! I feel like I need them this week. Much appreciated!


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