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Working Out, A Solid Week, and Upcoming Trip

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No Thanks to Cake: Working Out, A Solid Week, and Upcoming Trip

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working Out, A Solid Week, and Upcoming Trip

This week, I believe may have been one of my strongest on Jenny Craig!  As mentioned in my previous post, I used a Thermos this week to take my food with me on my daily outings - - brilliant!  And, tasty, I might add.  It was nice not to be eating the same Subway sammie over and over again.

One bummer is that I'm not weighing in tomorrow.  It's Sunday and I usually weigh in on Mondays.... but I've got a trip coming up that interferes with my weigh-in time - - AS IF!!  So, I'm scheduled to see my JCC next Saturday, which should work just fine.

This week, I worked out Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday!  Wow!  Now, I've never done all that before!  Woooo!  The gorgeous Colorado weather has definitely inspired me, making it almost hard to resist being in the outdoors and the sun!

Most excitingly, I actually took my first hike this weekend!  WHAT??  Did I say HIKE?  Yes, Ma'am.  I took a 1.4 mile hike around the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  We hiked what's known as the Trading Post Trail.  Here's a quick pic of what it looks like:

Yes, it's pretty much the most beautiful walk ever, and one I can't wait to do again.  Another thing I'm hoping to do is to take my camera next time.  As I needed to stop and take a few breathers (at over 6000 feet going uphill, it's necessary!), it would have been nice to have had my camera to snap a few breathtaking shots.  There's always next time!

Speaking of breathtaking shots, I'm Montana bound in the next week.  Hitting all the hotspots and about 8 retail locations along the way, I should have some nice pictures to share when I get home.

For this trip to MT, I've decided to take my trusty JC Thermos and a bunch of JC shelf stable items.  There's no JC in Montana, so you have to get creative.  Being the picky person that I am, I'm pretty much taking all Rotini and Meatballs for Lunch and Dinner.  

Hopefully, I won't get to sick of it through Friday.  Wish me luck!  

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