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What NOT to Do on Jenny Craig (AKA Week 24)

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No Thanks to Cake: What NOT to Do on Jenny Craig (AKA Week 24)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What NOT to Do on Jenny Craig (AKA Week 24)

I'm disappointed to write this week's blog.  

Last week was SUCH a high... hitting halfway, approaching quickly the 200s (as opposed to 210s), and just feeling really good about where I've been.


Not my best week ever, for sure... lots of additional eats that were not necessary.  And, I have only hit my beloved trails once this week!  So crazy!

Tips for this Week:

1 - Don't Wander Costco
Be on a mission. Get your english cucumbers, that delicious petite heirloom lettuce, and mini bell peppers, and GET OUTTA THERE!  Whatever you do, DO NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) go see this lady.

She'll tempt you with her chicken enchilada bake and smile at you as you try the green chile salsa (with chips).  She'll even try to slip you a sample of Jelly Belly jellybeans.  It's scary.  It's difficult.  AND, you only came in for veggies for goodness sake!!!!

2 - Don't Try to Eat Rotini and Meatballs for 2 Weeks Straight
The past two weeks have been insane travel weeks for me, with no JC in the cities I've been to (i.e. The entire state of Montana and Eastern Idaho).  I packed enough Rotini and Meatballs to get me through both weeks (lunch + dinner), but at the end of week two, I could neither eat rotini, nor ball.  Soooooooo.... I ended up with a salad from this fine establishment...

I had the Grilled Chicken Salad - no cheese, no croutons, extra tomatoes, no dressing, tossed in BW3 Spicy Garlic Sauce (25 cals per Tbsp).  Now, that sounds innocent.  HOWEVER, it started something... an insane craving for the spicy goodness that lead me there the next day for lunch as well!  Doh!

3 - Don't Have Cabernet with Caberet
Saturday evening, I went to see Caberet at the Arvada Center, where we have season tickets.  Brilliant performance and such a lovely evening!

And then... I invited my friend over to have a GLASS of Cabernet after the show.  Hmm.... not my best idea, as there was a whole bottle in front of us, and I consumed a glass and a half!  Oops!

4.  NEVER make Delightful Chocolate-Pumpkin Muffins when you can't control yourself
I made one of my FAVORITE muffins for a morning painting event at Canvas and Cocktails.  For post-JC, here's the recipe from the Hungry Girl website:  HG's Yum Yum Brownie Muffins.  

Needless to say, I tried one last night after the wine... since you can't take something to an event that you haven't tried.  AND, I had one with breakfast at C&C along with a glass of champagne!  Oops!!!

So.... my confessional is about over, and I recognize that it's all about making good choices next time.  As a result of my experience, I'm a little nervous about my weigh in tomorrow.... but hoping for a miracle!

The next FOUR days are going to be some of my best ever on JC!  And, the weekend will be some of my best fitness days ever!

Cheers to Week 25 - - I like how you look already!

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