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No Thanks to Cake: What a Week...

Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Week...

The fact that I haven't posted since Sunday is so bizarre to me, now that I've gotten on a regular blogging pattern.

Honestly, this week was so busy that I haven't even been on the internet, haven't even had a moment to think about anything other than work!  It's been one of those where you feel like you're just trying to make it through.  I'm sure you guys have had them too... but I am SOOOOO thankful the week is over.  AND, so thankful that I survived!

Kicking back on my new couch watching one of my favorite movies of all time - For Love of the Game.  It's from 1999 and is about BASEBALL?  Well, the main character is a baseball player (Kevin Costner) and it's a love story (of course.)  REALLY great movie.  I definitely recommend you check it out if you've never seen it.

Honestly, I don't really know... again, everything has been a blur.  

I spent the first 3 days of week in Idaho, and I know the first half of the week was SOLID.  It was the second half that's been a challenge once I got home.

There was Rotini and Meatballs earlier in the week while I was on the road.  Last night though, I did it again... I had cheese for dinner.  I've blogged before about my very favorite wine and cheese bar, and I hosted an event there last night.  There was definitely a lot of cheesy goodness going into my bod.  I also had my boss in town for the past two days, which means that there were non-Subway lunches on the agenda.  EEKS!

This I remember.  On Tuesday morning, I took 30 minutes out for me.  

Fitness Center at the Hampton in Twin Falls, ID
Honestly, I get bored in the gym/fitness center, so I usually only have about 30 minutes in me.  This also helped with the soreness I felt from the spin class over the weekend.  My quads were really sore, and just moving a bit helped.  My goal is ALWAYS to workout when I'm on the road, but it doesn't always happen.  Big SUCCESS as a result!

For this week's working out, I have round 2 scheduled at the Spinning Yogi and I also booked a yoga class for Monday night in Salt Lake City!  Trying to get serious about this working out thing.  It's not the easiest for me, but every little bit helps.

The first week of August, I'm taking a fabulous getaway...

I absolutely can't wait!  And, as a bonus, I get to spend several days with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew!  Soooooo excited!  I need to figure out my eating plan for when I'm there... that should be my next blog post.  It may be a little challenging as Beth is the best cook... and temptation will be lingering.  

Still, I get to be on that beach with the little guys.  Totally worth it. 

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