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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Recipe: Chicken Enchiladas

After my vacation, I knew I was going to need something more than the regular JC food.  All the treats in the desert had me spoiled by bold flavors and yummy food.

I decided I would try to the JC Chicken Fajitas that I NEVER eat.  I had two packages in my freezer, and decided it was time.  
As I was cooking the fajitas in a saute pan, I decided to mix it up a little!  If you're looking for a different way to eat the fajitas, TRY THIS! I grabbed the following to add to my fajitas:
I mixed the chicken /veggie mixture with a little bit of Bold Taco and some Adobo seasoning.  I also used a tiny bit of the JC flavor mix.  I'm not a huge fan of JC's fajita seasoning, because I like a kick.  Thank goodness for Penzey's!

I put half of the chicken/veggie mixture on each tortilla topped with a bit of the FF Cheddar.

Next, I placed the "enchiladas" rolled up in a pie pan sprayed with Pam.  I poured some of the delicious 505 green chile on top and then sprinkled with a little more of the FF cheddar.

I baked the enchiladas at 350 for about 15 minutes.  Soooooooo tasty!

I am definitely going to make this again!  I also read on the JC Forums that they can be made into quesadillas using my favorite Laughing Cow cheese!!!  That may be the next experiment!

Happy Saturday, all!  

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye, Chips and Salsa...

I should be blogging tonight about my fabulous vacation reward in the desert or about the delicious enchiladas I made the other night.

HOWEVER, I feel the need to make another confession....

I seriously can't be trusted when I'm sitting in front of a basket of chips and salsa.  Tragically, I decided to order a side of chips and salsa tonight with my salad that ended up to be enormous. 

I've described chips and salsa/queso/guac before as "crack" and mexican restaurants in general as a "crackhouse."   Like an addict, I told myself that I wouldn't eat it all, and I told myself that I just wanted a few bites.  BUT, it tasted so delicious, and I ate way too many chips.  Now I just feel horrible.

My question:  Do I have to just eliminate Mexican food from my diet completely??  When will I be able to be able to sit down at a Mexican restaurant and not be tempted to devour the whole basket of chips and salsa??

For now, I've eaten my last chips and salsa for a long time.  Good news is the most recent batch of chips and salsa was delicious and not an icky stale chip variety.  i also get to go to the gym in the morning now, and not for one of those lackluster, halfass workouts.

Goodbye, chips and salsa.... hello, elliptical machine.  Sigh...

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


My blog has been visited over ONE THOUSAND times as of today!!??!  Wow... kinda makes you wonder who's looking and at the same time, it makes me feel very Julie Powell from Julie and Julia.  In other words, very proud and very honored that people would be interested in what I have to say!

Thanks for helping me to stay accountable and for being a part of my journey.  We're only halfway there, folks!  Can't wait to spend the next 45 pounds with everyone.

xoxo - Kelly

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Blog Makeover + The Loss of an X

Tonight, I decided that my blog was just TOO blah.... and it needed a facelift!  Can you believe how fabulous it looks now??  Gone are the rotating cakes (ala David Letterman's Rotating Pies) and in with the bright springy look!  LOVE IT!  I hope you do too!!!

I also had a HUGE win yesterday... I've lost the X in XL!  Ok, this is a BIG deal.  Who in their right mind wants to be listed as EXTRA LARGE.  So large that they needed to emphasize it with an "X" or (goodness) "XX". 

Keep in mind, I've been both... so I can DEFINITELY comment on how much I hated each one of those Xs.  You know, the embarrassing part when someone sees your coat size and it says "XXL."  EMBARRASSING!

I am soooooo happy to be out of the XL phase of my life PERMANENTLY! 

Bought this dress to wear on my trip to the desert this weekend.  It was just an "L"... and I bought it at Forever 21?  Really?  Isn't that a juniors store?? 

Looking forward to being medium.  And hoping to get there by the end of the year!

What do you think of the new NTTC blog look?

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Unbelievable Weigh-In: 9 Pounds Until ONEderland

I had an INCREDIBLY surprising weigh-in this morning.  Despite my panic last night and my going on about all the crap I ate last week, I actually lost TWO pounds this week!!!!!!

I'm incredibly excited about the progress and can't imagine how great this week would have been if I had been a little bit disciplined!

I'm only a few pounds away from 50 lbs lost, but I'm mostly excited about losing the next 9.  It's been SOOOOO long since I've been under 200 lbs and OFFICIALLY entering ONEderland.  I picked up the "ONE-derland" phrasing from The Biggest Loser and from the Jenny Craig message boards.  I find it fitting and appropriate.... and PS:  I'm about to become the Mayor of ONEderland - - Never leaving again EVER!!  

I think the last time I was below 200 was about 7 or 8 years ago.  I mean, I was in my TWENTIES!  I'm attending a wedding on May 7th, and would loooooooove to be below 200 by then!  

I'm beginning to share this blog with people I know.  Yes, I know my weight is bolded and to the right, but I feel like this journey is such a personal one and one that involves a huge supporting cast.  It's time to start sharing and to start celebrating!!

When I hit goal, it may go public, but for now, just some of the besties have been invited to read.  You know who you are... xoxo.

I had a pants emergency today.  I couldn't handle the baggy crotch associated with the 16s I was wearing... soooooo, I popped into a store and bought another pair to wear, this time in the correct size!  

GUESS WHO'S DOWN TO A 14W!!!!!  Yep, this girl!  I'm in my final size at Lane Bryant.  It's official... I'm normal!!   LOVE THAT!

9 lbs to ONEderland... Let's do this!!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What NOT to Do on Jenny Craig (AKA Week 24)

I'm disappointed to write this week's blog.  

Last week was SUCH a high... hitting halfway, approaching quickly the 200s (as opposed to 210s), and just feeling really good about where I've been.


Not my best week ever, for sure... lots of additional eats that were not necessary.  And, I have only hit my beloved trails once this week!  So crazy!

Tips for this Week:

1 - Don't Wander Costco
Be on a mission. Get your english cucumbers, that delicious petite heirloom lettuce, and mini bell peppers, and GET OUTTA THERE!  Whatever you do, DO NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) go see this lady.

She'll tempt you with her chicken enchilada bake and smile at you as you try the green chile salsa (with chips).  She'll even try to slip you a sample of Jelly Belly jellybeans.  It's scary.  It's difficult.  AND, you only came in for veggies for goodness sake!!!!

2 - Don't Try to Eat Rotini and Meatballs for 2 Weeks Straight
The past two weeks have been insane travel weeks for me, with no JC in the cities I've been to (i.e. The entire state of Montana and Eastern Idaho).  I packed enough Rotini and Meatballs to get me through both weeks (lunch + dinner), but at the end of week two, I could neither eat rotini, nor ball.  Soooooooo.... I ended up with a salad from this fine establishment...

I had the Grilled Chicken Salad - no cheese, no croutons, extra tomatoes, no dressing, tossed in BW3 Spicy Garlic Sauce (25 cals per Tbsp).  Now, that sounds innocent.  HOWEVER, it started something... an insane craving for the spicy goodness that lead me there the next day for lunch as well!  Doh!

3 - Don't Have Cabernet with Caberet
Saturday evening, I went to see Caberet at the Arvada Center, where we have season tickets.  Brilliant performance and such a lovely evening!

And then... I invited my friend over to have a GLASS of Cabernet after the show.  Hmm.... not my best idea, as there was a whole bottle in front of us, and I consumed a glass and a half!  Oops!

4.  NEVER make Delightful Chocolate-Pumpkin Muffins when you can't control yourself
I made one of my FAVORITE muffins for a morning painting event at Canvas and Cocktails.  For post-JC, here's the recipe from the Hungry Girl website:  HG's Yum Yum Brownie Muffins.  

Needless to say, I tried one last night after the wine... since you can't take something to an event that you haven't tried.  AND, I had one with breakfast at C&C along with a glass of champagne!  Oops!!!

So.... my confessional is about over, and I recognize that it's all about making good choices next time.  As a result of my experience, I'm a little nervous about my weigh in tomorrow.... but hoping for a miracle!

The next FOUR days are going to be some of my best ever on JC!  And, the weekend will be some of my best fitness days ever!

Cheers to Week 25 - - I like how you look already!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Recipe: My Favorite Spinach

Tonight, I ate the JC Salisbury Steak, but needed a little something more.  I thought I'd post my recipe for my favorite spinach dish that I made tonight.  It's a staple in my house, and oh so tasty!

Now, my old favorite spinach was probably some sort of decadent Creamed Spinach or Spinach and Artichoke dip... so, I came up with this recipe as an alternative and something I could enjoy that made me feel like I was splurging.  It's JC-friendly, of course.... as is everything I eat these days!

Cheesy Creamed Spinach

Saute diced onions and minced garlic in a frying pan sprayed with Pam Olive Oil.  Quantities are really up to you, but I like the tiny diced onion since they add some crunch and flavor.  I'm quite generous.  Hit the garlic/onion with a little bit of salt and pepper.  

When the onions are sort of clear, add the spinach to the pan.  I fill the ENTIRE pan, because it cooks down so much.  It's about 1/2 of a bag from the grocery store.  

Then, cook and stir until wilted up and done.  Again, you'll notice the volume go WAY down.  Transfer to a bowl and add a Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb Cheese Wedge.  Stir it around until the cheese melts and you'll have a fantastic treat!

Not the best picture, but you can see what happens, and in the final pic you should be able to see the onions and garlic. 


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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Progress Pics

Here's a glimpse of my transformation from a few pics I've taken along the way... 

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It is with great pleasure that I announce that I have hit the halfway mark on my Jenny Craig Journey!!!!  

For those of you on this journey with me, you have to know how exciting that is.  Just 23 weeks ago, I was crying in my JC director's office talking about joining the program.  And the tears, those were tears of embarrassment.  Not able to believe that I'd let it get that bad.  Well.... now at -45 lbs (rounding up), life it looking pretty damn good!

I can say for the first time in a long time that I really like how I look.  Seriously.  AND, I walk taller and prouder than I have in some time.  

The most amazing part.... is that the "outside me" is starting to match up with the "inside me!"  Super excited about that!

I'm highly motivated to hit my goal, and can't wait to see how excited I am when I get there.  I promise to post some updated pics on this site in the next few days.  That sad pic of my before just isn't appropriate anymore.

Cheers to the next 45! 

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Snack Recipe: Kale Chips

My favorite radio show Cosmo Radio's Wake Up with Taylor has a fabulous hostess who's always trying to eat healthy and keep her trim physique.

Well... she's mentioned more than once that she enjoys Kale Chips.  And, I've googled it and they look harmless.  I've never had Kale in my life... but I'm a huge spinach fan. 

Soooooo... today, I decided to try it out.  Here's a sample recipe:  Kale Chips.  I made it with Pam Olive Oil Spray and some garlic salt.  


Here's what they looked like coming out of the oven!  Very crispy like chips!  Yummmmm!

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Working Out, A Solid Week, and Upcoming Trip

This week, I believe may have been one of my strongest on Jenny Craig!  As mentioned in my previous post, I used a Thermos this week to take my food with me on my daily outings - - brilliant!  And, tasty, I might add.  It was nice not to be eating the same Subway sammie over and over again.

One bummer is that I'm not weighing in tomorrow.  It's Sunday and I usually weigh in on Mondays.... but I've got a trip coming up that interferes with my weigh-in time - - AS IF!!  So, I'm scheduled to see my JCC next Saturday, which should work just fine.

This week, I worked out Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday!  Wow!  Now, I've never done all that before!  Woooo!  The gorgeous Colorado weather has definitely inspired me, making it almost hard to resist being in the outdoors and the sun!

Most excitingly, I actually took my first hike this weekend!  WHAT??  Did I say HIKE?  Yes, Ma'am.  I took a 1.4 mile hike around the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  We hiked what's known as the Trading Post Trail.  Here's a quick pic of what it looks like:

Yes, it's pretty much the most beautiful walk ever, and one I can't wait to do again.  Another thing I'm hoping to do is to take my camera next time.  As I needed to stop and take a few breathers (at over 6000 feet going uphill, it's necessary!), it would have been nice to have had my camera to snap a few breathtaking shots.  There's always next time!

Speaking of breathtaking shots, I'm Montana bound in the next week.  Hitting all the hotspots and about 8 retail locations along the way, I should have some nice pictures to share when I get home.

For this trip to MT, I've decided to take my trusty JC Thermos and a bunch of JC shelf stable items.  There's no JC in Montana, so you have to get creative.  Being the picky person that I am, I'm pretty much taking all Rotini and Meatballs for Lunch and Dinner.  

Hopefully, I won't get to sick of it through Friday.  Wish me luck!  

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