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No Thanks to Cake: Unbelievable Weigh-In: 9 Pounds Until ONEderland

Monday, April 18, 2011

Unbelievable Weigh-In: 9 Pounds Until ONEderland

I had an INCREDIBLY surprising weigh-in this morning.  Despite my panic last night and my going on about all the crap I ate last week, I actually lost TWO pounds this week!!!!!!

I'm incredibly excited about the progress and can't imagine how great this week would have been if I had been a little bit disciplined!

I'm only a few pounds away from 50 lbs lost, but I'm mostly excited about losing the next 9.  It's been SOOOOO long since I've been under 200 lbs and OFFICIALLY entering ONEderland.  I picked up the "ONE-derland" phrasing from The Biggest Loser and from the Jenny Craig message boards.  I find it fitting and appropriate.... and PS:  I'm about to become the Mayor of ONEderland - - Never leaving again EVER!!  

I think the last time I was below 200 was about 7 or 8 years ago.  I mean, I was in my TWENTIES!  I'm attending a wedding on May 7th, and would loooooooove to be below 200 by then!  

I'm beginning to share this blog with people I know.  Yes, I know my weight is bolded and to the right, but I feel like this journey is such a personal one and one that involves a huge supporting cast.  It's time to start sharing and to start celebrating!!

When I hit goal, it may go public, but for now, just some of the besties have been invited to read.  You know who you are... xoxo.

I had a pants emergency today.  I couldn't handle the baggy crotch associated with the 16s I was wearing... soooooo, I popped into a store and bought another pair to wear, this time in the correct size!  

GUESS WHO'S DOWN TO A 14W!!!!!  Yep, this girl!  I'm in my final size at Lane Bryant.  It's official... I'm normal!!   LOVE THAT!

9 lbs to ONEderland... Let's do this!!

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