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No Thanks to Cake: Smell from Hell

Friday, September 23, 2011

Smell from Hell

I can't tell you how excited I was that today was FRIDAY!!!  After a BUSY week on the road, Friday always means HOME.  And, I had a fun recognition lunch planned for one of my clients.  It's kinda like being Santa Claus.  They get SO excited - - super fun!

They picked lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  I found myself a delicious grilled chicken salad on the menu, and removed all the undesireables (bacon, cheese, eggs, croutons, etc.)  As for the rest of the store, they ordered BIG plates.

Now, the restaurant where I picked up the food was TWENTY minutes from the store where I was delivering the food.

CHALLENGE:  Lock yourself in a car for TWENTY minutes with several racks of ribs, steaks, baked potatoes, bacon, some of those fried onion blossoms, fresh baked yeasty bread, and I swear I could even smell green beans.  TORTURE

Needless to say, I was STARVING when I got to the store.  I can't even tell you how badly I wanted to eat all of that food and about 12 pieces of bread.  I survived, however, without it....

Interestingly, I read a post today from my girl over at Need to Get Me Back about how she struggled with tempting food today.  It must be planetary or something... I hope yummy snacks aren't trying to sabotage EVERYONE out there!

Dinner and a Pre Weigh-In Peek
My flight was late getting home tonight, so I had a late dinner as a result.  Mealtime is always so nice because I can get creative and cook!  (PS... I'm home for the next TWO weeks!!!!  Unheard of!)  

Tonight's JC RIsing Crust pizza was topped with sliced grape tomatoes, red onions, sliced roasted garlic cloves, and one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese Garlic and Cheese flavor.  I also had a little bowl of the grape tomatoes on the side.  Mmmmmm.

Before my yummy dinner, I hopped on the scale to see how things are going.  Um, I weigh less than my last reported weight and it's NIGHTTIME!  Ohhhhh, I'm excited for the morning now! 

Stay tuned, and sweet skinny dreams to you all...

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