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No Thanks to Cake: The Elephant in the Room

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

It's been hanging out there for a while.... so, I thought it might be time to blog about it.

My weight loss progress is not going so well.  The summer has been challenging, and the past few weeks have been seriously stalled.  While I haven't gained weight, the purpose here is to LOSE not to maintain.

I know that everyone else is weighing in weekly.  When I see that I've maintained, I just stay home as opposed to trek to my center to face the music.  I don't kid myself thinking that you haven't noticed that I haven't updated my weight in 2 weeks, which is why I thought we should have a chatty-chat.

Breaking it down:  I've had so much company in town and been on so many trips.  With each one, I move from a "loss mode" to a "maintain mode."  Meaning, the week before guest arrive or a fun trip comes up, I am a JC rockstar.  THEN... the weekend/week when the fun happens the extra calories wipe out all my efforts and I gain back what I've lost.  

PERFECT EXAMPLE:  My parents are here this weekend.  I love sight-seeing in my own city!  So fun!  And, it's so nice to see them!
Here we are after a fun bus tour of Denver
Tonight after a big day in the city, we went to the absolutely delicious Wine and Cheese restaurant, which I looooooooove.  Now, no one on a weight loss plan needs to be eating wine and cheese for dinner, but you best believe I ate the following:

My Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Rose Flight 
(Possibly the Prettiest Flight EVER)
Roasted Beet and Walnut Dip - - Seriously!
Amazing Cheese Platter We Shared
They leave on Monday, and I head to Salt Lake for another week.  It's time to get SERIOUS about this again.  NO eating off plan.  NO Salted Caramel Mochas (sigh).  NO quick stops for a tiny frozen yogurt.  PLUS trips to the gym.  PLUS behaving myself the following weekend when one of my FAVES from Nashville travels to Denver.

For those who are losing with me, know that I feel 10,000 times better than I did before, and that's half the problem.  I don't get grossed out when I see pics.  I don't hate clothes shopping anymore.  I feel confident and happy.  Even if I was told that I had to stay my current weight forever, I would still feel better than I did and be ok.  I also feel like I am truly eating healthier on a day to day basis and loving veggies more than I ever have.  All good things!

HOWEVER, this doesn't mean I can stop... because I have a BIGGER goal in mind:  A goal weight that I know I can maintain and where I know I will feel EVEN better than I do now.

How do YOU press through when something like this happens?  I need some inspiration, folks.

Sincerely - 
Full of Wine of Cheese

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At September 19, 2011 at 7:01 AM , Anonymous Jen said...

I've been on Jenny Craig since January, and I've been going through the same struggle this summer. I've been told this is a common thing - the weight just doesn't drop off as quickly or easily as it did in the beginning.
And to compound things, I'm just tired of it all - the food, the whole trying to lose weight thing. I just want to live my life like a normal person! I don't have any advice, unfortunately - I've "recommitted" so many times, the word has lost all meaning. All I can do is keep trying and hope something will click again for me.

At September 20, 2011 at 11:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in a similar situation with my journey with JC. I lost about 2/3's of the weight, and even though I have a little way to go, I am at the point where I am not embarrassed of my weight. I still can't fit into a lot of my pre-weight gain clothes and I know I need to lose more, but I can get dressed up and go out and feel good about myself again. I just want to get back to "living life" and not have to worry about dieting. I am definitely making better choices and eating better when I go out to eat or plan meals on my own, but it sucks to stay on plan all week and then cheat on weekends (and not even cheat that badly!) and have no loss, or even worse, a gain.


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