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No Thanks to Cake: Seriously, Crystal Light??

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seriously, Crystal Light??

On day 3 of using MyFitnessPal, I came across a STARTLING discovery regarding the Crystal Light packets I started drinking several months ago

I used to drink the regular packets and then I found the PURE kind that had all-natural ingredients!  SCORE!  This meant that I wasn't putting extra chemicals in my bod, and it tastes SOOOOO good.

Now, today when I entered it into the MFP app, I couldn't EVEN believe my eyes when I saw the stats for this drink.

Now, 15 calories doesn't seem like a lot, right?  And, this is printed on the front of the Pure Lemonade packets.  So, Kelly... why are you freaking out?

WELL... the packet that has the 15 calories on the outside is mixed in ONE 16.9 oz bottle of water, but that 16.9 oz bottle creates TWO servings. 

That means, when I'm kicking up my water using these packets, I've been downing THIRTY CALORIES per bottle.  HOLY CRAP!!

Just curious, Crystal Light... at what point is 1/2 a bottle a serving????

Switching back to the chemical-filled version... and writing an email to Crystal Light.  Check your packets, folks, and be careful out there.



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