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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hike it Out!

My good friends Deb and Matt are MUCH more outdoorsy than me, and thankfully have introduced me to a few new Colorado spots that I'd normally NEVER get too.

Having traveled like a crazy person for the past few months, I haven't gotten to see them in a while.  So, when Deb suggested a Saturday morning hike.  Well.... I thought two things:  1)  This might counteract the Cheez It damage from earlier in the week and 2)  It would be great to see my friends for once!  So, off hiking we went!

Now, before going off for a hike, you know you need some good carbed-up fuel.  LOOKY WHAT I FOUND YESTERDAY at my JC Center!  They're BAAAAAAACK!  Finally!

I got to the park a few minutes early, and of course I brought my camera.  Check out how beautiful it is here!

At the trailhead of Mount Galbraith on a Beautiful Saturday!

Pre-Hike Self Portrait
Watch out for BEARS??  What the heck!

Part of the trail... So beautiful
2nd Hike Ever

Pretty crazy trees along the way.  
I think this looks like the Wild Wild West you see in movies.
On the way back down.  What a pretty day!
When I got home, I was famished!!  Having hiked a couple of miles (no clue how much), you certainly work up an appetite!

BUT...It's only 11:30 and definitely not lunch time yet.  I opted for some veggies.  I still had some heirloom tomatoes in my fridge from my Whole Foods adventures, so I grabbed those!  I like to season them with a tiny bit of EVOO (sprayed through a Misto) and sprinkle with Penzey's Italian Dressing seasoning and fresh black pepper.

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At September 10, 2011 at 3:28 PM , Blogger Natoria said...

So beautiful! And that sign is scary, haha.


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