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What's the 4th of July without Ice Cream???

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No Thanks to Cake: What's the 4th of July without Ice Cream???

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's the 4th of July without Ice Cream???

We all know that Jenny Craig has some delicious frozen treats for us to enjoy.... but for some bizarre reason, she hasn't created any ice cream!

I personally didn't want to go into this holiday weekend without a delicious bit of ice cream to enjoy.  I went to the local grocery store and to the freezer section to see what my options were.  Here, I found my good ol' friend Skinny Cow.  Back in my Weight Watchers days, I really enjoyed these ice cream sandwiches... and it looks like the brand has exploded from there.

I grabbed a box of these bad boys....Skinny Cow's Low Fat Ice Cream Cone in the Vanilla with Caramel flavor.

Whoa!  Holy deliciousness... I'm in love.

The stats are pretty good, too.  Comparable to the average JC snack, and the CREAMY, DELICIOUS ice cream was something I'd been craving.

Now, I like a softer ice cream... so I set it out on the counter for about 10-15 minutes before I ate it.  Total Perfection!

Something else I noticed.  It's been YEARS since I had a cone like this.  I never really liked them back in the day because the cone was all soggy.  Um... not anymore.  Way to go, ice cream makers, you've perfected the crunchy frozen cone, and I love you for it.  The inside of the cone is coated with chocolate, with the chocolate plug at the bottom of the cone to stop the ice cream from leaking out.

Snack time just became my favorite part of the day... If you haven't tried these, get out there and get some!  They also come in Mint with Fudge and Chocolate with Fudge.  

Happy 4th, Ya'll!

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