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No Thanks to Cake: New Numbers, Bad Timing

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Numbers, Bad Timing

Last week, I shared my ONEderland excitement.  I'm still there... but it's been a rough week.

My brother came to Colorado for the weekend to visit!  While we had a good time, there were way too many chips and guacamole on Friday night, a delicious filet on Saturday (he grills the best), and way too many glasses of wine as well.... EEKS!

I need to weigh in again soon, and I'm a little nervous I may be back into the 2's.

Here's a challenge that everyone out there can appreciate... I was invited to a work "recognition dinner" for one of my client teams.  "Sure, I'd love to... Where is it?" I say...

Seriously.  That's where I said I'd go.


The Olive Garden menu is a dieter's nightmare, even when you think you're doing well.

They have SO many dishes above 1000 calories, and only a tiny few below 500.  You can do a soup and salad for less than 500 and you can do their Linguini alla Marinara for 430 or their Venetian Apricot Chicken for 400.  That's about it, folks. 

Disclaimer:  Unless you go for lunch.  They do have lunch options that are better.  Although, I did once go for lunch and ordered a grilled chicken salad.  I "made" my own off the menu putting grilled chicken on their classic garden salad with the lowfat dressing.  How about they did it, but the chicken had BREADING on it!?  Seriously... GRILLED chicken with breading.  Dieters Beware!

Tonight, unsure about my feelings for Apricot Chicken, I opted for the Linguini alla Marinara (switching to whole wheat pasta) and splitting the dish down the middle to only eat half!  SUCCESS!  I think I did pretty darn good considering.  I did get home and find out that the bowl of salad I ate was insane in calories because of the regular dressing.  Not even sure how a salad could be that insanely calorific (invented word, but appropriate!)

Let's hope the rest of the week is predictable and JC-approved...

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At July 4, 2011 at 11:15 AM , Blogger NancyK said...

OMG - ice creme?? This may have to go on my shopping list before the summer is over. And as far as restaurants go, while Olive Garden is a true test, my ptfall is Macaroni Grill. Their bread and olive oil dip will be my downfall and I may have to permanently cross this place off my list for good. Have a great 4th!
p.s. - I am 5 lbs away from one-derland....

At July 6, 2011 at 9:19 PM , Blogger No Thanks to Cake said...

I used to eat a dish that had EIGHT HUNDRED calories here... And this is when I thought I was doing good! Olive Garden is dangerous. At least Macaroni Grill has the spiedini and a few other yummy dishes to pick from.... And they have their nutritional info handy. I MUCH prefer that over OG. Oh, but their bread is to die for.... Especially with a little balsamic vinegar in that oil. I mean, if you're into at.... Which we soooooo aren't. :)

5 more lbs! You can do it!


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