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No Thanks to Cake: Two Days at "Home"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Two Days at "Home"

My sister in law Beth has told me that she leaves a little bit of her heart in Cape Cod every time she leaves.  And, I've always said I didn't think I had a place like that.  That I've moved too much.  That I don't have a "home" like that. 

By "home," I mean that place where you can't wait to return to.  That place where you are completely at peace. That place where you have the fondest of memories.  After some thought this weekend, I think I do.  It's Montelucia.  

We stumbled upon this resort two years ago and it has been this way ever since.  The service is phenomenal.  The pool, the food, the rooms, the spa... All perfection.  Each visit as phenomenal (if not better) than the first.  Not many places can execute like this.  

Also, Montelucia has such strong Spanish influences from the decor to the music to the cuisine. I can't even imagine how I would react if I ever when I visit Spain one day.  

As for this trip, I was only at Montelucia for about 32 hours this time.  Once again, Montelucia did NOT disappoint.

I'm going to share a few pics of my trip tonight, and I promise to tell you more about the trip tomorrow.  I'm exhausted after a full day of work/travel.  And, there's always that post-vacation depression that sets in...   

Quite the change from other visits, the weather looked like this most of the time: No sun.  You could barely see Camelback Mountain in the distance.  

But when the sky looks miserable, you spend the day in the spa, right? 
And, NO ONE (I mean, NO ONE) does it like Joya Spa...  

But there were moments of sunlight... that I took full advantage of. 

We also spent some time enjoying tasty tapas at Prado restaurant.

I can't wait to tell you more.  And, I hope you too have a place like this.

Question:  Where is your "home"?

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