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No Thanks to Cake: Surviving Halloween

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surviving Halloween

It's Halloween Eve!  If you're celebrating, I hope you have your costume details prepared and your candy purchased!

I'm not a big Halloween girl, myself... but I do love passing out candy to those cute little kiddos!  When I went to weigh-in yesterday, my Jenny Craig center had a list of great tips that they were sharing that I thought might be good for all!

Halloween Treats without the Trick by Jenny Craig

  • BUY YOUR LEAST FAVORITE CANDY - - This is something I totally do.  I buy things I can resist.  For me, that's definitely Hot Tamales, Almond Joy, Bottle Caps, Smarties, and some Twizzlers.  Now, I love Smarties and Twizzlers, but I know that I'll give them away and not eat them.  Too bad I don't not like Reese's Cups or Milky Ways... I guess at my house, you get the lame candy.  Sorry, kids, but I'll give you a LOT!

  • START A TRADITION WITH YOUR KIDS, AND DONATE THE STASH OF CANDY TO A LOCAL SHELTER - - Wow.  You have to let me know if you're able to pull this one off.  I can almost hear the whining, but it's a GREAT idea!
  • CHEW SUGARLESS GUM TO OVERCOME THE URGE FOR SWEET TREATS - - Brilliant!  They have so many sugarfree gums out there that taste like candy - - I recommend the Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavor.  Yum-O.

  • FOCUS ON THE FUN, NOT THE CANDY - - Carve pumpkins, put up decorations, or go to a haunted house!  You can be festive without eating the candy! 
  • WAIT TO OPEN THE BAG OF CANDY UNTIL THE FIRST TRICK-OR-TREATER KNOCKS - - If no one knocks, take it back to the store tomorrow!
  • POP IN A MOVIE AND ENJOY A LOW-CAL SNACK WHILE WAITING FOR TRICK-OR-TREATERS - -  A fun Halloween themed one always works well.  Maybe Hocus Pocus (I may have watched it last night!)
  • EAT REGULAR MEALS.  YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HUNGRY WHILE GIVING OUT CANDY - - Eat throughout the day + keep a bag of veggies you LIKE close by. For me, that's cucumbers and colored peppers or maybe some beet chips!
  • ENGAGE FRIENDS OR FAMILY IN AN EVENING WALK TO CHECK OUT THE JACK-O-LANTERNS - - Not a bad idea here, I might switch it up and offer to take the kiddos out for their trick-or-treating (or with friend who has kids!)
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS AND MOUTH BUSY BY SIPPING ON A LOW CAL BEVERAGE - - How about Crystal Light, Diet Coke, or some hot tea?  
  • WEIGH THE PROS AND CONS OF INDULGING - - Think about what eating candy will mean to your week and to your weigh in.  Can you balance your slight candy-eating with a workout?  Also consider this... will you be able to stop at just one piece??
    • If you eat 1 Nestle's Crunch fun size bar - - Walking with trick-or-treaters for 30 minutes will burn it off, but considering the stop and go, plan for 60-90 minutes total.
    • If you eat 2 Kit Kat miniatures - - Rake leaves for 40 minutes in exchange for the treat.
    • If you eat 1 100 Grand fun size bar - - Burn them off by carving pumpkins for 50 minutes.
    • If you eat 8 Sweet Tarts pieces - - Make them vanish by playing frisbee for 50 minutes

Use these tips to make it a successful night, and have fun!

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At October 31, 2011 at 7:35 AM , Blogger Erin said...

Love the tips!!! I am a sucker for Halloween candy so I just made a strict rule for myself- none this year. It's a slippery slope, can't just have one. My sister bought the good stuff too, but we vowed not to open it until Halloween so I haven't REALLY been tested yet. Tonight will be all about self control though so I'll make sure to have other better snacks on hand. And I've already told her - tomorrow whatever is left is ALL going in to work with her. Need to get that "poison" out of our house!!!

At November 1, 2011 at 7:14 AM , Anonymous Andie said...

I've given myself a break the past few years - having all of that candy in the house is just too much for me to handle. I would have had to play frisbee for several days, and carved 40 pumpkins, to work off the candy I can polish off in one sitting. I sometimes buy special bags of treats for the kids I know well, which means I can buy fun things that aren't individually-wrapped since their parents know and trust me. But I didn't even do that this year.

At November 6, 2011 at 9:28 PM , Blogger No Thanks to Cake said...

@erin... I definitely hope you got it all out of the house. I had a run in with some mini Butterfingers this week... Little wise guys!

@Andie - Your comment made me smile more than you know. In years past, I would have been sentenced to endless raking and pumpkin carving as well. Once I start, I can't really stop. I decided against buying the candy as well... We just have to know our limits, I suppose!


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