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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bottomless Pit

Whoa... Do you ever wake up hungry, eat your breakfast, and IMMEDIATELY start thinking about your next meal??

That was my day today.  

When I'm less rested, I am ALWAYS hungrier.  I know it's not a coincidence that I did a day trip to Boise yesterday, didn't sleep well, and woke up hungry.

I had my usual breakfast - - JC Cinnamon Rolls!  I seriously love these guys, and usually find them to be incredibly filling.

Today, not so much.  About 20 minutes later, I helped myself to two Fruit Leather strips.

Well, lunch was at 12pm on the dot.  I couldn't wait a MOMENT longer for it today.  I did some research on MyFitnessPal and learned that I could have a Panda Express Bowl with String Bean Chicken and Mixed Veggies instead of rice for 240 calories.  That seemed like a great alternative for lunch!  

I usually eat A LOT of Subway (like every day), so finding variety is good.  Sodium is high for a meal like this, but I I've made sure to hydrate and to NOT eat this on Weigh In Eve!  It was super-tasty!

About TEN minutes later, I was still hungry.  I had about a 35 minute drive between visits and knew that I was going to need something more.  SHOOT.

I found a Whole Foods in my path, and bought some expensive delicious sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes from their salad bar. 

It's not like I can wash veggies in my car, so I knew that salad bar would work.  I also tried not to go with fruit, since that's extra calories too.

I also MAY have picked up a small bag of Pirate's Booty.  It was disappointing to know my snack had already been accounted for by 2pm today - - But, I love that Booty!

I also realized I have hardly any veggies at home, so I had to hit the grocery store this evening, too.  STARVING when I walked into the door, I knew this was going to be trouble.  

I went to Super Target because I also needed a hairdryer. Veggies + hairdryer.  That would be easy! 

Somehow, I ended up here though....

What the Heck??
Target, to me, is extra tempting because they have a unique store-brand.  Being that I was hungry, I was SURE I could find a small bag of baked chips.  How about I found a BIG bag of Market Pantry Smoky Cheddar and Bacon Baked Chips??  AND, I carried it around the store with FULL intention of eating it.  Eating "just a portion" I had told myself.  Riiiiiiiiight.  We both know I'm chip-sessed.  There's no way.

Good news (and my apologies to Target):  I left the chips in the purse aisle and grabbed two bananas that were at the register.  I ate one on the way home.  Delish and a good decision!

I decided to play with my favorite JC blank canvas tonight - - Chicken Fettucine.  I made an insanely delicious dish tonight.  Add-ins included:  Minced Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Red Onions Sliced, crushed red pepper.

I sauteed all of the extras in a saute pan, and then added in the pasta (which I cooked per the package instructions prior to adding.)

I stirred it around and let it cook for a few.  Whoa.... aromatic and fantastic!

Check out how good that looks!!!

Now, one would think that this delicious pasta dish would be enough to fill me up.  


I went back for more tomatoes... knowing that this would keep me under my calories for the day.

  1. Sleep is good.  I need to get some.
  2. Packing snacks for my day is critical.  I made it through today, but I won't always be as successful.

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At October 6, 2011 at 9:41 PM , Blogger Carbie Girl said...

Yay for ditching the chips... Target gets me too. Their brand of buffalo wing chips taunt me to no end. Your dinner looks amazing:0)


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