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No Thanks to Cake: Beautiful, Beautiful Broccoli

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful, Beautiful Broccoli

Like many of you, I follow quite a few healthy eating and weight-loss related blogs.  There is one that really stood out to me this week that I wanted to bring to your attention.  It's called:

If you've never stopped in, this is a blog you're going to want to bookmark.  Andie is amazing!  The author has such a way with words and paints beautiful pictures in each of her blogposts.  She also has undergone a tremendous weight loss transformation, which is a story that I'm hooked on as well.  Any time some one has done that on their own, you wonder how.  She tells the full story very eloquently.  You'll want to read it, and then you'll want to read more.

In her post last week, she confesses her adoration for Roasted Broccoli.  As you know, I recently discovered roasted broccoli myself, but do stop by to read how Andie describes its flavor so thoughtfully.  She also writes about how veggies are the star of the dinner plate, not the side dish we always thought it was.  This resonates with me COMPLETELY as it is key to my weight-loss strategy and new lifestyle.

I'm such a super-fan... I just had to share her page with all of you.  To read about her Roasted Broccoli, click here.

PS...  She also posted a great story yesterday about a very fabulous cake.  You HAVE to read that one too. 

Thanks, Andie, for inspiring me to be a better blogger and to complete this journey I'm on.  I can't wait to read your book!  xoxo



At August 15, 2011 at 6:39 PM , Anonymous Andie @ CanYouStayForDinner said...

You are such a beautiful person. Thanks for the kindness, friend! Congratulations on all the amazing things you've accomplished :)


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