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No Thanks to Cake: A Fantastic Evening

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Fantastic Evening

 I feel like I have a few weight loss updates to share (food intake, nuggets of information from my weekly phone consultation today, etc), but honestly, they're all shadowed by what happened tonight.  We'll resume normal programming tomorrow. :)

Today, I figured it out.

Today, it all made sense.

Do you ever speak with someone who confirms
what you've been thinking about all along? 

Who confirms that your dreams are to become a reality? 

That they are yours for the taking?

I didn't need someone to tell me it would happen, but I love that the confirmation arrived.

A message to all the wise souls that read this blog:

"Your intuition is like a GREAT friend who gives you the BEST advice. If you ignore her, she'll eventually leave you alone. No one wants that to happen. LISTEN!"

That's my message to you tonight.  Please listen. 
She's talking to you and wishes you nothing but the best.

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