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No Thanks to Cake: Whirlwind Weekend...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend...

I got home Friday night from my trip to Montana to find that one of my friends from TN was passing through Denver.  We got together and went to a DELICIOUS wine and cheese bar to catch up.  So nice, but oh-so-many calories, I'm sure.  Eeks!

Last night, I had a dinner and a movie planned with a friend.  We go to a yummy asian restaurant where I'm able to get steamed chicken and broccoli with a little kung pao sauce on the side, which is a really good choice.  I don't do the rice, so I feel like it's usually a good pick.  I was starving, so I also had a cup of wonton soup.  Overall, not nearly the damage I caused the night before. 

Well... we went the following two movies!  Both were SOOOOOO good.  We saw Something Borrowed before dinner, and Bridesmaids after!  I thought I'd give you my review of both...

Movie One:  Something Borrowed
I'm a HUGE fan of Emily Giffin who wrote the book this movie is based upon, so going to see Something Borrowed was a no-brainer.  The movie was great with lovable characters and a romantic storyline, and it also puts you in that "what would you do if you were in that situation" mindset.  Overall, DEFINITE thumbs up!

Movie Two:  Bridesmaids
There was a preview for Bridesmaids at the showing of Something Borrowed, and it just looked so funny that we had to see it!  It was HILARIOUS.  If you've been a bridesmaid before, you definitely need to see this one... and honestly, a lot of the HUGE laughs that I heard in the movie were coming from men, so take your BF/hubby with you too!  There were a few points where I was laughing so hard that I was crying... :)

Food Dilemma
The scale was "up" this morning, but that may have something to do with the soy sauce and cheese night on Friday.  I literally ate great this week, until the weekend.  How does fun always equate to the scale going up??

I"m heading to Salt Lake City tonight, and plan on staying on track this week as much as possible.  I've got to get the scale's numbers down again.  Seriously!!

Also, I have my boss in from Seattle this week.  He likes to eat out at fancy places, so I'm sure this will be a challenge for me this week.  Sigh... That should only be about 36 hours though.  Surely, the rest of the week will be solid, right??  

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