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No Thanks to Cake: Oh Boy.... A Good Week, A Memorable Container, and More JC!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Boy.... A Good Week, A Memorable Container, and More JC!

So... It's been a fantastic week!  Let's break it down...

Let's start with my Monday weigh-in... yep, I'm down!  And this week, it was -2.4 lbs!  VERY excited for that (especially after last week's disappointing -.6!)  Woooooo!  So, we'll consider that a 1.5 lb loss for each of the past 2 weeks!  As you can see from my post yesterday, I've officially hit -40 lbs, which is a huge accomplishment as well!  Yay, me!

Yes, I know that I am on Jenny Craig, but I truly think this is the first week I've been 100% on Jenny Craig.  Since I've joined, I've eaten at least 6 meals of 21 off plan EVERY WEEK.  Daily when I'm out doing my daily sales run, I go into a Subway for lunch and at least once a week I eat out with a client or on the road.  Not the best JC'er, as you can see.  After last week's JC mini-loss, I decided I would go 100% on the program and see what happens.

So... I went out and bought this:  It's a Thermos-brand food jar.  So each morning this week (3 so far), I cook my lunch and take it with me!  I've actually enjoyed it!  As you can imagine, a nice hot lunch is so nice compared to my usual Subway.  I've been enjoying the Beef Chow Mein, Orange Chicken, and Rotini and Meatballs.  Yum-O.

Keep in mind the last time I used a Thermos, it looked more like this.... and was full of milk. :)

The even better news is that I'm already down -2 lbs since Monday.  Uh-mazing.... maybe there is something to being 100% on program!  Who knew!!?? 

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