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No Thanks to Cake: Tough Weigh-In + the Best Radio Show EVER

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tough Weigh-In + the Best Radio Show EVER

Do you ever get on the scale and think WTF?!?!

That's what happened to me this week.... I got to Utah on Sunday night and had scheduled an appointment to weigh-in at the JC center in Ogden, UT.

I bounced into the center, super-excited about weighing in... little did I know I would be quickly disappointed.  Um, how in the HELL did I only lose -.6 lbs???  WTF... Wow, That's Fun!

Then, I proceeded to spiral and make myself a cranky-ass for the next few hours.  Mad.  Declaring that I would never eat out again in my life EVER.  Just furious and frustrated.

Then, I turned on my FAVORITE wake-up show Cosmo Radio's Wake Up with Taylor

If you haven't listened to the show and listen to Sirius/XM... what are you waiting for??  It's on  Sirius/XM 109.  Wow... these folks have no idea how much they make my day (and thousands of others, I'm sure).  On this particular morning, they were announcing the beginning of their Fat Kids Fit Club that was scheduled to begin today.  Unbelieveable exchanges between Kenny and Taylor quickly had me laughing out loud.  (ie Taylor suggesting that they take before pictures in white unitards, and Kenny's uh-mazing reaction.)

It's amazing how humor can make you snap out of it, and get back on track.  Special thanks to Kenny and Tay for helping me through it.  I literally could have been worthless all day and totally cranky, but I made it, with much thanks to you.

I made it to the gym, as a true Fat Kids Fit Club member would, and I'm clearly on track to blow away that -.6 that happened this week.

The End.

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