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A Birthday and a Mediocre Weigh In

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No Thanks to Cake: A Birthday and a Mediocre Weigh In

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Birthday and a Mediocre Weigh In


Officially on Monday, I turned 34!  And unfortunately, had the WORST weight loss of my entire time on JC.  Well, not the official worst, but the worst instance where there was a loss.  Only -.2 lost this week.  Ugh!

I do dedicate the -.2 lb weight loss to the Chicken Saag and Garlic Naan at Little India and the chips and salsa + queso (yes, I said queso) at El Senor Sol.  Birthday celebrations.... I could have made it through one, but apparently, not two outings.  I usually only eat out one day per week, not two.  Just too difficult, and the night before weigh-in is a baaaaaaad idea.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Something kinda cool... I travelled for my bday and had to spend the week in SLC.  I checked in at the front desk and got a Birthday Card signed by the staff!  How cool is that?  And, then additionally, they sent a piece of chocolate cake up to my room via room service.  So nice!  Thanks, Marriott SLC Downtown - - You are rockstars!  

In case you're wondering.... I ate one bite and moved it into the hallway!  Determined to hit an official 25 lbs this week!!

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