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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So much to post....

It's been WAYYYY too long since I've checked in on here.  Time to check in and catch up on this journey.  It's been an interesting one....

1.  WORKOUTS - I've worked out not once now, but 5 times!!  Over a three week period, that may not seem like much to the average person, but I've really enjoyed it.  That's the most amazing part, that I actually like it!  As I posted last week, I have been walking on the Ralston Creek Trail and it runs by my house.  It's so pretty!  On beautiful days, I can almost see myself running.  Until then, I walk and listen to my jam on the iPod.  Really enjoyable.

2.  BEST GINGER COOKIES IN THE WORLD - I went to a work dinner the other night with co-workers and I completely had my dinner (and glass of wine) picked out before I went to The Bayou.  Well... I didn't expect my co-workers to order dessert.  I mean, it's all boys!  And, not delightfully warm, soft, spicy Ginger Cookies with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Quite possibly the most decadent dessert I've had in a long time.... I accidentally (yet very deliberately) ate about 1/3 cookie.  Mmmmmmmm... unfortunately, I didn't have any calories left for that.  So... I went to the treadmill the next morning (workout #5).  If you're ever in SLC, try these cookies though.  Delish!

3.  1st MENTION OF WEIGHT LOSS BY AN OUTSIDER - Today, I had TWO people at my client location tell me how GREAT I looked!  Gasp!  I've had friends say things, but to have people on the outside of knowing about JC talk about it... it's so exciting!

4.  PANTS!  I NEED PANTS! - This weekend, I'll get to go shopping at NORMAL stores.  With NORMAL sizes and buy some clothes!  At least tops, and MAYBE some pants.... wow.  I am sooooo excited.  I'm kind of wanting to do a lot of black with mix and match options.  Maybe some belts.  I could work that look.  It's so sophisticated.  Can you see me in this??

5.  WEIGH-INS - Over the past few weeks, I haven't been regular in weighing in, due to work travel.  My last weigh in had me down 3 lbs, and I should break into the 30 lb loss category officially on Monday.  Ahhhh, so happy.

6.  EARLY 30 LB REWARD - I decided on an early -30 lbs reward.  Keep in mind it's sooooo not on the list I made (which I should post!), but she's beautiful and so necessary for my store visits and (ahem) work.... New Coach Tote.  Congratulations to me!

More to come this weekend as I buy new clothes.  What size will those pants be???? 

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