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No Thanks to Cake: Week Four's Lessons Learned...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week Four's Lessons Learned...

So, I actually haven't weighed in yet this week.  My weighing-in schedule got thrown off a little by a business trip.  So, I decided to weigh-in on Saturday rather than missing a week completely.  Just the same, Week Four is over and I feel like I should "weigh-in" on my week of observations.

I did take a TEENY TINY peek at the scale this morning... and it sorta kinda looks like I may be at 16 lbs lost!  SERIOUSLY!!! :)

What I've learned this week:

  • It's getting easier to get around.  I know that I'm only officially 12 lbs down, but seriously, I feel like when I'm schlepping through DIA, it's not that bad.  I figure I'll feel lighter and lighter as the weeks go on, and I love it!
  • Fruit Follow-Up:  I tackled fruit successfully this week.  It's all about pre-packed lunch box sized applesauce and fruit cups.  I loooooove how easy it is to grab these and eat them.  Cheers to lunch box treats!
So... I just have to talk about cravings, because they've begun. Last week, it was Quizno's.  This week... it's all about the following:
  • Taco Bell... Just a taco.  Now, I think the bigger issue is that I miss mexican food.  I don't need something huge and fattening.  Just some salsa.  I don't like the JC Mexican foods, because they're all beany and cheesy.  No thanks.
  • Laughing Cow Cheese and Wheat Thins:  I don't mean the whole box and the whole wheel of cheese, just a little snack of them.  I'm thinking about working them in somehow this week.  Maybe even tomorrow while I'm travelling.  The JC website forums say that the cheese is not so bad for you... need to think through it and make sure I can stay in control. 
So... let's hope that this unofficial 16 lbs becomes a reality on Saturday!!!

Wish me luck! 

Onward to Week Five!
  • When I book my hotels for travel, I need to book at the highest end (i.e. Marriott or Hilton), or at a place that has a breakfast service.  Tonight I'm at Hilton Garden Inn, and they don't have either.  Milk is going to be a problem in the morning, as is fruit.  BUT, I'm thinking Starbucks might be in order and might be A-OK.  There's a solution, but to keep things easier, I'm going with the choices listed above.
  • Diet Coke is sooooo delish at Happy Hour!!!  Ok, I'm kidding.  BUT, you can drink Diet Coke at dinner and be fine.
  • Thanksgiving-Schmanksgiving.... I totally ate the Jenny Craig Turkey and Gravy Dinner and thought it was crazy-delicious! (Picture of actual Thanksgiving dinner below)

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