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No Thanks to Cake: A Bad Massage is Better than No Massage

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Bad Massage is Better than No Massage

Phew.... another one bites the dust!  It seems like weekends just fly by, don't you think?

Mine was a little quieter than usual, but JUST what the doctor ordered.  After my disappointing day on Thursday, I just couldn't wait until 5pm on Friday to come.  Well, more precisely, I couldn't wait until 5:30pm!

As a treat to myself, I scheduled a massage... Ahhhhh.  Honestly, I was wound up so tightly that I thought it was necessary. I scheduled myself at one of those places that are so popular now that have monthly memberships.  They have an introductory rate of like $49 for an hour.  SOLD!  

Now, when I got there, I happily filled out my medical form and noticed a funny smell.  Well, it smelled like WONTON SOUP.  Keep in mind, there is no chinese restaurant within miles of this place.  What the heck?  And... the treatment room also smelled like wonton soup.  

I tried to block it out of my mind.... and just enjoy the warm heated table.  I was hoping for a little aromatherapy magic to blast the brothy smell.  NOPE.  (I learned after that those are add-ons.)

I'll also say that I must be VERY spoiled by massages I've had in the past.  I've been referred to some amazing individuals who KNOW how to do this.... this lady, I think it may have been her 2nd week.  Hmmm.... 

Well, despite her lack of technique, I walked out of there feeling much more relaxed.  Mission Accomplished.  And, craving chinese food.... Doh!

Just the same, a bad massage is still better than no massage, I say!



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