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Weekend Weigh-In on a Wintery Day

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No Thanks to Cake: Weekend Weigh-In on a Wintery Day

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Weigh-In on a Wintery Day

I've been looking forward to this weekend's weigh-in especially after last weekend's visit to the scale.  Well, this week it was NOTHING but GOOD NEWS! 

My new total is -68.6 lbs GONE!  

Confession:  When I weigh in on Saturday morning, I literally roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on some clothes, and GO!  I'm sure the JCCs love what they see on Saturday mornings from this girl. :)

This week, when I got out of the car at Jenny Craig, it was COOOOOOLD.  I knew it was supposed to chill off a little bit, but HOLY COW!  It was in the 30s, and the hoodie and flip flops I was wearing were just not enough.  Brrrrrr!

It's ONLY the beginning of October.  It should really be much warmer than this, and you might remember that it was in the 80s last weekend.  It was FIFTY degrees colder and raining.

I spent my day running errands, as usual.  I had a hair appointment (YAY!), and then a BUNCH of stops to make. Going in and out of the rain is not my fave, but I had no time to lose.  What a cold day!

I've mentioned before that I love to knit, but it usually takes weather like this to get me going.  I did some knitting last night while watching the Nebraska game with friends. Because I'm not that into the game but enjoy the company, I always take my knitting.  It (sometimes) brings the Huskers good luck, too!

Just a quick dishcloth
Perhaps my FAVORITE part about the cooler weather is the reintroduction of my favorite feature of my place... 

We've decided to spend the day together!
I hope you guys are staying warm wherever you are!  Have a fantastic Sunday!

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At October 9, 2011 at 6:18 PM , Blogger fatgirlinaskinnyworld said...

I love things like that. I cross stitch. Chris calls me a little old lady cuz I like sitting there and to either cross stitch or scrapbook


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